ABB Robotics Introduces Single-Arm YuMi

ABB Announces Single-Arm YuMi

On November 29 of 2017, ABB unveiled a new single-arm YuMi variant for their Robotics division at the International Robotics Exhibition which took place in Tokyo.


As with its older brother (which was released back in 2015 to much success), this new single-arm YuMi is a fully collaborative robot designed to integrate seamlessly into existing or new applications. In addition, it also shares the same 500 gram payload.


Due to its single arm, however, the YuMi refresh has a smaller footprint that makes it even easier to deploy.  Also unlike the original YuMi, the new robot features a lead-through style of programming. This opens up possibilities for a wider range of operators to work with the YuMi as it minimizes the barrier of entry traditionally in place due to specialized training requirements.


The single-arm YuMi will be officially released in 2018. More details will be announced leading up to the product launch.


Read the ABB Official Press Release

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