About Us


Our New Brand

While both Minuteman Automation Systems (MAS) and Empire Automation Systems (EAS) operate on their own from a legal standpoint, it was decided that a singular brand would be created which would reference both companies for several reasons.


One such reason is that MAS and EAS share nearly identical supplier offerings. While regionally there are some differences, the vast majority are already available through both distributors and we are always working to further sync our alignment.


Additionally, although projects are sourced through one side or the other, it is almost always a collaboration of efforts. We have engineers at both locations who work together to bring your vision to reality.

The look may be different, but the fantastic service our team offers whether you deal with MAS or EAS remains. We've simply chosen to enhance our abilities by bridging the two more closely together.

Minuteman Automation Systems


7 Foster Street

Wakefield, MA 01880


Office: 781.245.9550

Fax: 781.246.4982

Empire Automation Systems


20 Vantage Point, Suite 4

Rochester, NY 14624


Office: 585.352.3333

Fax: 585.352.8656