Why Choose Us?

We realize that in today's world there are many options for purchasing products and services, but the gamble is that you can't always be sure that your best interests are being looked after.


At Minuteman Automation Systems and Empire Automation Systems, our goal is not to simply “sell.” We believe in helping people and in developing long-standing relationships in order to showcase our value. This value, in part, stems from a team of dedicated individuals who enjoy the science of industry automation and work tirelessly to help solve your manufacturing challenges and improve efficiency.


On top of having a heavy focus on meeting the needs of our business partners (that's you!), we also pride ourselves on having an extensive network of suppliers covering product ranges deep and wide. We are a regionally authorized distributor for every line we carry.

The MASEAS Brand

Minuteman | Empire Automation Systems is the singular force driving Minuteman Automation Systems and Empire Automation Systems. This brand is also referred to as MASEAS for short.


While both silos of MASEAS operate on their own from a legal standpoint, it was decided that a singular brand would be created which would reference both companies for several reasons.


One such reason is that MAS and EAS share nearly identical supplier offerings. While regionally there are some differences, the vast majority are already available through both distributors and we are always working to further sync our product alignment.


Additionally, although projects are sourced through one side or the other, it is almost always a collaboration of efforts. We have engineers at both locations who work together to bring your vision to reality.


Both companies have operated as premiere industrial automation distributors available to customers across the Northeastern United States for decades. Minuteman Automation Systems - once known as Minuteman Controls - has been serving the industry since 1970, and Empire Automation Systems - formerly Empire Air Systems - since 1990.

Our Facilities

Located within the Greater Rochester area of Gates in beautiful Upstate New York, the Empire Automation Systems home office has recently expanded in size. Originally 4,800 square feet, the space has more than doubled in size to roughly 10,000 square feet by utilizing adjacent office space.


In addition to allowing EAS to further grow its team, the expansion most notably increases the capabilities of the Automation Solutions Group. Thanks to an abundance of space the ASG can tackle more projects for business partners at larger scales than possible before, while also increasing the levels of stock items housed on site.


Currently, Minuteman Automation Systems resides in a fully converted 5,000 square foot historic schoolhouse in downtown Wakefield, MA. With two floors worth of offices housing a flourishing customer service team and a full level for warehouse storage MAS is always ready to tackle more to meet the needs of an ever growing base of business partners.

Empire Automation Systems


20 Vantage Point, Suite 4

Rochester, NY 14624


Office: 585.352.3333

Fax: 585.352.8656

Minuteman Automation Systems


7 Foster Street

Wakefield, MA 01880


Office: 781.245.9550

Fax: 781.246.4982