Self-Driving Vehicles

OTTO Motors has pushed themselves to the forefront of the SDV industry space by creating the most comprehensive and yet user friendly mobile robot on the market. Self-Driving Vehicles allow employees to focus on high-value activities rather than delivering parts while smartly (and safely) navigating the facility in a way that won't interfere with employee tasks.

  • Automatically transport deliverables
    • Using a combination of sensors and 3D camera, OTTO SDV's can safely navigate facilities even through door and elevators


  • Easy to program
    • Web-based software allows for quick programming with comprehensive options for setting mission parameters


  • Easily identifiable status indicators
    • Bright LEDs light up around the outside of the robot with different colors indicating specific statuses


  • High flexibility
    • Easily outfitted with custom top modules such as bins, lifts, conveyors, etc


  • No need to alter facility
    • OTTO SDV's can be easily reprogrammed when the floor layout has changed


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